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La Porte County TRIAD is launching a new project to assist senior citizens. I.C.E., which stands for In Case of Emergency, is designed to give senior citizens a way of informing medical, fire or police personnel with vital medical information in case they are incapacitated and unable to provide the information.

La Porte County seniors will be given a medical and contact information sheet that can be placed in a plastic sleeve. The sleeve had a magnet on the back, allowing the sleeve to be placed on the refrigerator or other available metal surface so emergency personnel can easily access the information.

To obtain a form, call 1-888-874-8195.

La Porte County TRIAD is an organization made up of law enforcement and community service organizations. The La Porte County Sheriff's Department, La Porte City Police Department and Michigan City Police Department are three local law enforcement agencies who have partnered with TRIAD.

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